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We started this dental clinic to spread a splendid happy smile to the patrons all over Pattravakam and also in Ambattur.

SS Dental Care, the best dental clinic near Pattravakkam bus stand, mainly focused on the patient’s satisfaction. Most of the patients voted their feedback as they get at-home feeling from SS Dental care. Starting at a nascent stage to today, we have been working with more than 1000 patients. By doing a graphical analysis we can state that we came across over 100 patients with specialized implant treatments.


Every patient associated with our Dental Clinic not only speaks on our treatment procedures but also speaks about the ambiance too. That was our mission and vision as well.

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Dr. Karthika, BDS

Dr. Karthika BDS the founder of SS Dental Care – best dental Hospital in ambattur, hailing from dentistry background and decided to pursue her career in the family profession. Now she started her premise with her legacy and individuality. She started the Dental clinic near Ambattur in 2014.


It has been 7 years since she has worked to cater to the stunning smiles all Over Chennai. The main noticeable thing in her premise is that it is not a regular practitioner’s clinic. It is a modern aesthetic center fully equipped with advanced treatment technologies in the dentistry field. With ultra-modern facilities, she has earned a popular and proud name in the dental implant and cosmetic dentistry.


Along with Dr. Karthika, there are well-experienced teams of experts who cater to all types of specializations with high-quality dental solutions at any time.


Dr. Karthika is one of the most preferred Dentists in Sidco Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Pattaravakkam and its nearby sides. This is the result of her talent, Not only the result, her dedication, precision, truthfulness, and courtesy everything up to that. These qualifications uphold immense success and widespread popularity.

pediatric dentist in ambattur

Dr. Karthika’s fine treatment steps balanced with all the technical expertise and the skills make her sought after dentist for both implants and Cosmetic procedures. She blends advanced technical knowledge, the knowledge of science and her in-born skills to make the results naturally outstanding.  

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Great job done by doc… She preferred me to go with the right option to save my tooth and she takes care of me like my sister during the entire dental procedure.. Also.. I inquired a lot of dental hospitals.. I can’t even reach a single doctor regarding my price for my dental inquiry.. I got immediate response from her she directly told me about the procedures and fixed me the appointment from her direct side.. Go for it guyz.. If you need to afford something on your dental cost and need to take care of your teeth with extra care.. Definitely go and give a try.. I recommend her as my personal doc regarding my all and all dental care…!!!!

Priya Kathirvel


to a dental care this will be the best place to visit she is one good doctor for your dental problems.

Geetha S

Anug k

The dentist was very kind, friendly and well experienced. I am very satisfied of their treatments Very good service. she is conducted EMI option also. Payment method is awesome.

Anug k


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Pediatric dentistry

We care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. We know how to treat them and how to make them comfortable.

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We cater a smile makeover via Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers, Dental bonding, dental crown, inlays and Onlays, & other.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Offer prevention, diagnosis, &  treatment of  wide variety of disorders and diseases related to teeth, gums & other parts.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

It is one of the cheapest  methods to save your teeth from damage. we offer affordable teeth whitening services.

Dental Implant

Dental Implants

 Dental implant is the replacement surgery for the root of a missing tooth. We serve a better outcome of dental implant placement. 

root canal

Root Canal

We offer advanced Root canal treatment to clean bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of  your natural teeth.

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Why you need regular Dental Checkups?

The smile is the mirror of your inner feeling. A person’s smile can reflect what he thinks and his moods. A healthy smile is the confidence for good oral health. Do you want your smile attractive? Then never hesitate to take a Dental Consultation with Dental Clinic in Ambattur. They can help you with your overall health. The health condition of your mouth can reflect your body condition as well.

Skipping your consultation to a dental consultant may lead to poor oral health, and health problems. Poor oral hygiene may lead to Oral and facial pain, Problems with heart, Digestion problems, and many others.


Dental checkups are all about setting good hygiene for the future care. You can prefer a high professional Dentist in Ambattur or Avadi for your oral consultations. They stop you from falling into a rut and help to get a good life for your Tooth.


According to medical studies, a human should consult their dentist every six months to avoid cavities and all other related problems.


Checkup is not just about cleaning. Cleaning is the primary step and afterward, they will analyze and predict your tooth-related issues. Sometimes, it is important to take X-RAYS. It determines what is happening deep inside your mouth.By taking x-rays we can address more related issues that we would never be able to catch otherwise.


Let us discuss the most important 6 points about why you should need Regular oral checkups

Oral Cancer detection

It is a serious health condition that manifests in various ways. Oral cancers are not identified quickly and it may become life-threatening. But we can treat it in the early stages as well. We Dental Clinic in Ambattur care have professionals who can carry and identify such problems and treat them well. We assure that we can get rid of such blames. A VELscope cancer exam is enough to catch your cancer tissues.



We all use brushes and flossers on a most diligent basis to clean up our gums and teeth. Although, there are still some parts which always escape from our daily routine. It results in a tartar which is extremely difficult to get rid of. We  helps you to get rid of such concentric plaques. Our professional dentists in the team helps you to prevent tartar from eroding teeth or creating cavities. Normally, a person can avoid such dental issues by a regular basis of caring.

Gum diseases

Gum Diseases

Gum Disease is caused by plaque and tartar buildup. It can erode the gum’s tissue. The tartar causes severe infection on the gum and results in the gum pulling away from the tooth. It is also known as gingivitis. The high progress of gingivitis results in teeth loosening. At some point, it causes swelling, bleeding and soreness on the gum. Depending on the severity, the treatment is also different. But in some cases, we provide surgeries to avoid critical issues. To avoid such gingivitis you have to do regular dental cleaning.

Checking Bad Habits

Checking Bad Habits

We all are having some bad habits that may certainly affect our oral hygiene. Those are biting nails, clenching jaw, grind the teeth, alcohol, smoking, and intake of hard sweets, etc. By consulting a dentist they prescribe you to avoid such habits. SS Dental Clinic in Ambatturallows you to fix these damages in a certain period by consultation and diagnosis. Our consultation program may help you to avoid such bad habits and lead you to a problem-free and healthy life.

Detecting problems with X-Rays

Detecting problems with X-Rays

Dentists can identify the problems beneath the surface of your mouth by X-Rays. We can identify the crucial problems that are invisible to the naked eye. Invisible problems like growing teeth that are blocked from pushing through the gum line, all detected and solved by our X-ray checkups and treatments. We cannot predict jawbone damage, cysts, bone decay, & tumor without any x-ray imaging. We helps to detect these problems and cater to the best results with quick x rays and bi-annual checkups.

Node check

Head, Neck and Lymph Node check

We SS Dental care, the best professional Dentist in Ambattur not only consult on your teeth and jaws, but also consult your neck, and lymph nodes. We detect if there is any swelling, lumps or any other abnormalities. Our Dentist team will alert you if we diagnose any of such symptoms. Swollen lymph may be the symptom of certain kinds of cancer. So daily consultation can help you to identify the early stages of the disease. We are here to serve all aspects of treatment just to care for you. 

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