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Pediatric dentist in Ambattur for kids

We SS Dental Care the best Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur provides Consultation and treatments for your child’s oral hygiene and a better tomorrow. Children’s milk teeth are important. Because they develop their speaking and chewing abilities.


They help to develop permanent teeth. If the milk teeth are perfectly arranged or maintained, then it will help the second set of teeth to grow into the correct positions. In a child, their milk teeth appear at the age of 6 and it lasts till 12 years. After that, those are replaced by permanent teeth.


We SS Dental Clinic care all the solutions for your questions regarding your child’s oral hygiene. We are the trusted Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur offer a pleasant and enjoyable visit to your first dental entry. In a very special child-free environment, we can take care of your child’s teeth. Our team of specialized pediatricians offer positive reinforcement and makes your child calm and obedient. 

Pediatric dentistry includes

1. Preventative care

We offer consultation programs to the parents, mainly to educate them on the importance of care on the baby teeth. Milk teeth are the pillar or the primary stages of the permanent ones and which maintain space for them till they develop and are ready to be active into the mouth. Milk tooth caries causes crooked permanent teeth. To avoid such a situation, we provide Pediatric Dentistry in Ambattur to get rid of wrong alignment and poor dental hygiene.

2. Baby bottle tooth decay

We look forward to building a lifetime of good dental habits for your children. The main cause of dental caries is feeding the bottle for too long. The pain and discomfort is a common distressing feeling for these babies. It may affect the chewing comfortably and it affects the growth and development of the jaws. Jaws related issues, faulty alignment of teeth due to space limitations are also cured in our Premise. We Pediatric Dentists in Ambattur care for the better smile of your children. The affected teeth are treated in a single session.

3. Teething

Dental habits should be initiated during childhood. Neither, children have to face lots of severe issues like pain, discomfort, and cancer as well. The more prevalent tooth decay is specific to infants and toddlers. These decays are the result of poor feeding practices like bedtime bottle feeding, pacifiers dipped in sweeteners, etc. Rampant caries occurs in upper front teeth and upper and lower back teeth.

4. Thumb-Sucking

Thumb-Sucking is a common activity for toddlers and infants. However, if it continues even after the permanent teeth have begun to emerge, bite problems may occur. Sometimes, it leads to upper teeth growth towards the lip. In such cases, dentists prefer mouth appliances to block such habits.

5. Interceptive orthodontic treatment

The acute caries is considered rampant, widely involved in all the teeth. Sometimes it causes pulp exposure. Early pulpal involvement generally needs pulp therapy to treat caries. To make the jaws and teeth aligned pediatric dentists may refer appliances to stretch them and for future orthodontic treatment once the permanent teeth have grown. The oral cavity is the harbor of bacteria. To prevent them we have to practice our child for better oral hygiene. That’s why we the best and trusted Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur is here for you.

Why S.S.Dental Care

Making a positive experience for a child at the dentistry is mandatory. Our highly trained, caring pediatric dental team takes excellent care of your baby child. We keep them relaxed and comfortable. Because the first experience is the start-up of everything. SS Dental care the trusted Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur teams are well educated and trained in behavior management techniques. We teach your child about eating habits and the importance of good oral hygiene. Milk teeth have a higher tendency to occur because caries spread rapidly.

Causes for Tooth decay for Kids

Increasing intake of
sticky sugary foods

Prolonged exposure
of oral cavity to sugar beverages

Bedtime liquids cause nursing caries in infants

Bedtime feeding

Decreased salivary flow

Genetic background risks

Poor oral hygiene

Use of pacifiers dipped in sweeteners

Bacteria transfer via communal utensils

Signs of Tooth decay for Kids

Signs vary from child to child. Sometimes children are not aware of such cavities until they are checked by the dentists. It is highly recommended that children should consult a dentist every 3 months to 6months to predict tooth caries. Normally, At the initial stages, cavities are found as a white spot on the teeth or the gum line. Then, it turned brown and after it turned into a black state. The black state forms a hole or a cavity.a


Children’s diets are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. After eating the foods or intaking fluids, and skipping brushing results these substances are left on the teeth and gums. It causes bacteria coverage and it utilizes the sugar as a medium of growth and attacks the protective enamel of teeth and causes dental caries. We the best Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur care for your children’s better tomorrow.

Yes, Milk teeth are the basics of primary teeth. If it is affected by bacterias, it will also affect your permanent teeth’s growth. The decay causes mispositioning and crooked teeth. If these caries are not treated well, it can lead to destruction and affect permanent teeth.

Of course, Yes. The deficiency in the teeth results underweight due to toothache, they can’t even intake foods, iron deficiency, and confidence level, etc.

Yes, at the earlier stage we can get rid of these tooth caries. Pulpectomy and root canals are the earlier methods to save teeth. If it worsens, we can remove the teeth under painless anesthesia. We as the Best Pediatric Dentist in Ambattur already deal with many of the children’s cavity issues.

Every 3 months is prescribed to take dental checkups. Likewise, parents also have to maintain regular oral hygiene for the children.

Cavities are the most common problems found in Kids especially in early childhood. It causes losing milk teeth. Every infection in the milk teeth leads to misalignment of permanent teeth. Cavities are the most common problems found in Kids especially in early childhood. It causes losing milk teeth. Every infection in the milk teeth leads to misalignment of permanent teeth.

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